Dare to Look Deep -by Betty Grenenger


Abuse, addiction And alcoholism - a journey of recovery and redemption


I was fourteen when I had my first drink, threw it up – and promptly ordered another one.

By seventeen I had two children and an alcoholic husband. Two more husbands were to follow; one was incinerated after driving off a cliff in his tanker, the other killed himself under the tree where we had married just six months earlier.

Then, in the depths of despair, I experienced a moment of truth. A chance comment that opened the door to the possibility of self-knowledge, recovery and redemption.

I knew that to get there I would need to ask some hard questions. Where did my slide into alcoholism, food addiction and despair begin? Which of my multiple personalities I used to deal with the world was the real me? And how do I gather the strength to pull myself out of this hellish state?

Dare To Look Deep is my story.



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Betty Grenenger is a survivor with one hell of a story to tell.  From a disastrous childhood in the southern suburbs of Sydney, things just got worse through adolescence and into adulthood. More


I couldn't put this book down. I needed to know what became of Belinda and if she ever got her life back together and over came all of her tragedy.  M.Curtius